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[ Fire ]


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Depending on what time of the day you may have a different aesthetic on your wall created by the dance of shadows.

The intense labor process starts from the moment the spikes are cut by hand. Each is measured to the 1 cm needed, then both ends are sanded. When this is completed each tile is marked with 5 strategically located dots to create a “V” shape where the spikes will be carefully placed one by one only after the tile has been fired to perfection. The result is exceptional, a tile containing what nature once again has given us - earth and flora. The “V” shape made by the spikes is intended to be installed in different orientations to form an effortless and yet elegant one of a kind pattern.

The agave spikes stick out 5 mm from the tile surface. When this tile is installed the lighting whether natural or artificial creates a shadow effect that is particularly pleasing.

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