Frequently Asked Questions

AV’s collection uses materials and objects that are intended to be unique, creating one of a kind pieces. The manufacturing process is designed to capture the variations of the material, textures and surfaces designing an intended imperfect sophisticated look.

Each collection AV designs is 100% made in Mexico. His purpose is finding the best craftsmen in the country and uses only materials which represent the culture and traditions.

Orders can be placed by contacting us directly via email or phone. Also through one of our select sales partners across the country. Retail showrooms will be planned for the future where you can purchase directly from those distributors. (Link to contact us)

The Raíces Black collection has a standard size of 10 x 10 cm. Depending on the project, we are open to customizing sizes.  The proposed size change will be presented to AV and his team and they will determine if the project is worth changing the original collection size.

Any adhesive or silicone is suitable for the installation of the tile. Please be aware some silicon varies depending on the surfaced applied. An installation sheet will be provided with each box of tiles and it is recommended to follow instructions for applying the adhesive for best results.

The barro negro tiles are ONLY suitable for indoor wall applications. They are not intended for outdoor use or flooring. They are also designed to stay out of wet areas, like showers.

Yes, per the artisans recommendations, tiles can be cut like any other decorative tile using the proper blade or a manual tile cutter (no wet table saw). This should be done by a professional to ensure a proper cut. 

Payments can be made via wire transfer, direct bank deposit, check, credit or debit card.

We have a professional program for architects and designers. Please contact us to learn more about how you can become a sales partner.

We have partnered with Areem, one of the most prestigious companies in Oaxaca, Mexico. Their mission is to protect and ensure every piece is delivered in perfect condition. 

They proudly represent DHL, UPS, FedEx, RedPack, Estafeta, etc…

Yes, contacts us directly to place your order. We will provide a more accurate shipping cost and ETA of goods depending on the final destination. 

Our products are thoroughly inspected and carefully packed before leaving the shop and shipping facility. In case of any damage, a report needs to be sent to Areem within 24 hrs to file a claim.